• Skills and gains

    Skills and gains

    Effective communication is essential to the development of your business.
    However, despite all the opportunities given by the new technologies, the linguistic barrier often remains.

By capitalizing on the skills of its associates, AEPS is able to assist companies and offers two major areas of services related to foreign languages.


1. Translation and proofreading

Specialized translation

Aeronautical and spatial areas are very specialized and use a specific terminology. Our translations are thorough, respecting the sector’s needs and company’s specificity. We, of course, observe absolute confidentiality for all information entrusted to us. Should you use a very specific lexicon, provide it to us and we will fully comply with it. If you have previously translated documents, we offer to align the texts, create your own translation memory and increase it with every new text.

We translate, for example, technical manuals and documentations, requirements specifications, technical presentations,…

General translation

Clear and precise communication is an important factor in the success of your commercial strategies. The quality of the documents addressed to foreign customers, suppliers or various commercial partners has a direct impact on your turnover.

Examples of documents we translate: Website, commercial brochures and presentations, information bulletins and newsletters, letters and mailings.

Sworn or certified translations

The translation of an official document often requires a sworn/certificated translator in order to be accepted by the government. The sworn translator authenticates the translation performed by affixing his signature and seal certifying that the translation is true to the original. Upon request, we can arrange the legalization of your documents by the court.

We are involved with, on a daily basis: acts (birth, divorce, marriage, death …), diplomas, certificates of good conduct, town planning documents, driving license, contracts and tenders

Proofreading / Review

All your documents are important and must be perfect.

We carefully proofread your texts for grammatical and syntax errors, spelling or punctuation errors. In so doing we, also, check the typography.We also take care in adapting your message to the addressee so that the style used is appropriate.

In the case of revision of a previously translated document, if the text deserves a better translation, we will offer a mixed proposal translation/revision and make more appropriate suggestions, as mark-ups alongside the original.

2. Administrative support

We offer personalized assistance in the context of calls for projects, for Walloon, Belgian or European programs.

  • Drafting of projects, according to a formulation that meets the requirements of institutions
  • Projects translation and proofreading
  • Assistance in drafting and / or translation of administrative or financial reports

We have also acquired considerable experience in drafting requests for export subsidies from the AWEX. We offer to help us with this matter, allowing you considerable time savings.


Language combination

To be faithful to the original message, but be adapted to the target language specificities, we always entrust your documents to a translator working in his/her mother tongue. We work from and into all major languages including French, English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.


We guarantee complete confidentiality of the information you entrust to us and are ready to sign any confidentiality agreement.

Computer tools and computer-aided translation (CAT)
  • We handle many file formats to meet most requirements: Word (docx, doc, rtf, txt), Excel (xlsx, xls), PowerPoint (pps. ppt), Adobe (pdf), OpenOffice…
  • The computer-assisted translation can optimally address translations: translation memories are created for each client to ensure consistency of terminology and language during translation using the recurrence of words, phrases or parts of whole sentences. We have chosen to use the SDL technology.
Rates and quotations

Our prices are essentially calculated on a word count of the original text but vary according to the length and technicality of the document. Fees are further adjusted according to the deadline given by the client. Some formats, such as pdf or some presentations (pps or ppt) do not allow overwriting the text and therefore require many layout tasks which will be charged extra. For a free quotation, please send us your document using the form below.

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