English Grammar #6: Comparatives and superlatives

 Comparatives of superioritySuperlatives
Short adjectivesadj + ER + thanthe + adj + EST
warmer than
colder than
the warmest
the coldest
Long adjectivesMORE + adj + thanthe MOST + adj
more beautiful than
more expensive than
the most beautiful
the most expensive

Short or long adjectives?
An adjective is short when:
It is made up of one syllable.

  • cold -> colder -> the coldest
  • warm -> warmer -> the warmest

It is made up of 2 syllables and ends with -y, –er, -ow, and -le (+ quiet).

  • quiet -> quieter -> the quietest
  • pretty -> prettier -> the prettiest
  • clever -> cleverer -> the cleverest
  • narrow -> narrower -> the narrowest
  • gentle -> gentler -> the gentlest

Some excceptions attention

When a short adjective ends with -y, it becomes -i.

  • dry -> drier -> the driest

When the adjective is made up of one syllable and ends with vowel + consonant + vowel, the last consonant is doubled.

  • hot -> hotter -> the hottest

An adjective is long when:

It is made up of two syllables or more.

  • expensive -> more expensive -> the most expensive

It is made from a past participle.

  • bored -> more bored ->the most bored

Some exceptionsattention

good/wellbetterthe best
badworsethe worst
farfurther/fartherthe furthest/the farthest
littlelessthe least
many/muchmorethe most

Let’s do an exercise to check if you’ve understood everything !
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