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    Touch English and Go©

    Prepare for the FCL.055 test without leaving the home!

Touch English and Go© is the online learning plateforme for FCL.055 VFR and IFR test candidates. (EASA et ICAO)

In order to meet the needs of its customers scattered all over Europe, AEPS offers them the chance to prepare for the FCL.055 test, wherever they are.

Phase I : Short Final

In great demand, it is naturally the Short Final module that has been adapted for online use first.* Audio files, tricks and tips, the Short Final online module is aimed at pilots with a good general and operational knowledge of English, wanting to prepare effectively for AEPS’s FCL.055 test. Another new feature: the Short Final online model comes in several versions adapted to the pilot’s environment, whether they are VFR or IFR

The Downwind module will be adapted next. Target: end of 2017.

Radiocommunication course: Reading You Five VFR and IFR

The FCL.055 test has two objectives: evaluating general English skills, but also operational skills. The Reading You Five module is a radiocommunication course aimed at pilots with little or no practical experience in English radiocommunication (standard phraseology). This module is also available in two versions: VFR and IFR.

Free level test!

All the explanations and descriptions are in English on the online course. It is therefore advisable for candidates to have a good knowledge of general English, in order to benefit fully from it. Touch English & Go© offers an entirely Free Online Test, enabling candidates to check that they are at the level required to start an online course.


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