The UNION AERIENNE LILLE ROUBAIX TOURCOING (UALRT) has been the flying club in Lille Bondues since 1947. It a member of the French Aeronautical Association (FFA), and is approved by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) and the French Ministry for Young People and Sport.

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Notre volonté est de transmettre les valeurs et les méthodes qui nous ont été enseignées durant nos formations au sein de la référence aéronautique qu’est l’Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC Toulouse). L’adaptation de ces méthodes professionnelles à l’aviation de loisirs, nous permet de maximiser la sécurité des vols.

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ESNAH is a Belgian company developing a new concept of air navigation help system for student pilots, private and commercial pilots as well as for aircraft owners and operators.

SkyLiberty is the first commercial product of ESNAH. It is a modular Electronic Flight Bag. The purpose of SkyLiberty is to provide all the tools and data that pilots need to prepare, realize and manage their flights and licences. This application works on tablets and smartphones Android and iOS.

In collaboration with ESNAH, AEPS puts its calendar available to SkyLiberty users, allowing them to know at any time the dates and locations of FCL.055 test sessions.

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European Flight Simulator

Located next to Charleroi Airport, European Flight Simulator offers an unique opportunity to fly on a Boieng 737 NG flight simulator.
For pilots and student pilots, the Boeing 737 NG simulator is the perfect tool to prepare interview, to practice IFR flying, to prepare your MCC, to familiarize with the glass cockpit, to keep your skills up to date, or just to have some fun in a professional simulator.

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Noumea Schoolf of English

Founded nearly 30 years ago, The Noumea School of English is a dynamic school with the highest standards. We offer up-to-date academic teaching methods for individuals, small groups and businesses in an environment that is stimulating and welcoming.

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SKY4U is an aviation training provider, a network of aviation related companies, groups, teams and individuals. Together we have the expertise and strength to develop, distribute, provide and optimize aviation programs, products, training routines. We evaluate the risks and possibilities, present solutions to challenges from all fields of aviation and beyond, with the benefit of selected manpower at hand and the core knowledge to support a wide range of customers, clients and companies in their daily routines as well as start-ups and projects.

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Brussels Aviation School

Brussels Aviation School is a flying school located in Brussels and Charleroi (Belgium). We have been continuously offering pilot training courses in both English and French for 9 years. Ground courses take place in the centre of Brussels, and you will be developing your flight skills from the international airport of Brussels South Charleroi.

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L’EPAG NG est l’école de pilotage créée et encadrée par des instructeurs issus de l’historique École de Pilotage Amaury de la Grange.

Leur objectif : vous faire bénéficier de leur savoir faire hérité en matière de formation de Pilote de Ligne auprès des plus grandes compagnies aériennes nationales et internationales.

Anciens formateurs de pilotes pour le compte des compagnies Air France, Air Algérie, Air Mauritius, China Eastern, Shanghaï Airlines, mais aussi pour celui des Forces Armées Algériennes, ils totalisent à eux seuls 25.000 heures d’instruction.

Tous sont membres du jury d’examens de la Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC) et sont aptes à instruire en anglais.

A votre service pour vous apporter les meilleurs standards de la formation EASA en français ou en anglais, ils vous transmettront les compétences techniques et humaines dont vous aurez besoin pour exercer votre métier avec un haut degré de professionnalisme à travers le monde.

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Since 1997, Madinina Pilot Club trains pilotes on the ground of Martinique. His target: to allow the most people to practice aeronautical activities, and more exactly flying aircrafts. Madinina Pilot Club is a flying club affiliated to the french aeronautical federation.

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