Since its foundation in 1975, Mons-Borinage flying club has been able to preserve the foundations of its wealth today: training reliable pilots in a club spirit. Visit our friend’s website

Glass Cockpit Aviation is an FAA flight school in the South of France, at Cannes Mandelieu Airport (LFMD). The school specialises in TAA (technologically advanced aircraft), equipped with the latest avionics. Glass Cockpit Aviation is exclusively dedicated to FAA pilot licences and associated training. Born out of long experience as an FTO (flight training organisation) in Europe and the USA, Glass Cockpit Aviation brings you American practicality and efficiency, without compromising safety. The Glass Cockpit Aviation team boasts thousands of flight hours and hundreds of successfully trained pilots. GCA’s flight instructors are all FAA-certified and qualified for all FAA-licence flight training.

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cnvv The National Gliding Centre (CNVV) is a school of life and more! It organises traineeships of one or two weeks for 10-year-olds and over. The centre has numerous machines, such as the K21, K23, LS1, LS4, Janus, etc. It also offers glider and power-glider discovery flights from Easter to the end of October. Visit our friend’s website
We are an uncapitalised economic interest grouping (GIE) that aims to brings together aircraft owners, pilots and major economic players, so that each member can expand their activities with the time gained and simplicity represented by bespoke flights in aircraft.
Our mission is to let you discover the world of aviation, the privilege and the magic of a helicopter flight south of the Sambre-et-Meuse line.
Our values are safety and respect.
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South Belgium Helicopter Our mission is to make you discover the world of aviation, the privilege and the magic of an helicopter flight to the South of Sambre et Meuse line.

Our values : safety and respect.

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